Feature Overview: World Event

Welcome to world events, where you and other Fantasy Forest players will collect items to earn individual and community prizes!

You can earn items by taking these actions around your Isles:

  • Hatching animals from your Nest
  • Harvesting food at your Farms
  • Evolving your animals
  • Breeding your animals (2x Bonus from breeding during this event!)
  • Digging in the Mine
  • Battling in Tournaments (levels 17+)

Once you collect enough items to earn the first individual prize, the second individual prize will unlock. After the Fantasy Forest community collects enough items to earn a community prize, all players who have collected enough items to be eligible will receive it. Your prizes will be placed in your storage. Have Fun!

Latest Event

Velvet Vulpine (79th: November-December 2020)
(Event is available at level 17 and runs for 28 days from Nov 6th)

Collect Vulpine Heartstones Vulpine Heartstone.png to earn the following animals and decor.

  • Additional Vulpine Heartstones can be obtained by:
    • Placing the first individual prize in your Forest, or by buying:
    • Placing the third individual prize in your Forest, or by buying:
    • By completing stages in the "Abundant Fun" Goal line.

Individual Prizes

Name Vulpine Heartstones Required 'Buy Now' Price Reward
Vulpine Statue 300 Vulpine Heartstone.png 300 Gem20px.png Vulpine Statue.png
Autumn Equifox 1,800 Vulpine Heartstone.png 1,500 Gem20px.png Autumn Equifox Baby.png
Vulpine Monument 5,000 Vulpine Heartstone.png 3,200 Gem20px.png Vulpine Monument.png
Ember Ermine 8,000 Vulpine Heartstone.png 3,000 Gem20px.png Ember Ermine Baby.png
Velvet Vulpine 12,800 Vulpine Heartstone.png 4,800 Gem20px.png Velvet Vulpine Baby.png

Community Prizes (collect 1,500 Vulpine Heartstone.png to unlock)

Name Vulpine Heartstones Required Reward
Leaf Lamp 10,900,000 Vulpine Heartstone.png Leaf Lamp.png
Food.png 38,500,000 Vulpine Heartstone.png 15,050? Food.png
Realm Rune.png 125,400,000 Vulpine Heartstone.png 8 Realm Rune.png

Past Events

For details of all previous World Events see Past Events:


  • World Events were added to the game on October 13, 2014 in the Version 1.3 Update.

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