***Currently Unobtainable***

The Wooden Sleigh is a building available from the Market during the Winter Wonderland World Event.

Wooden Sleigh

"It's an older model, but still guaranteed to deliver toys to good girls and boys (and animals) in one night's time. Visit your Wooden Sleigh every 4 hours to collect 4 Presents!"
  — Game Description: 1. during World Event 

"A relic from a past celebration in your Forest."
  — Game Description: 2. post World Event 

Level Available: World Event
Buying Price: 150 Gem20px
Sells for: 10 Coin20px
Exp Gained: 0 Exp20px


The Wooden Sleigh is obtainable:

  • 1. During Winter Wonderland World Event:
    • Players received a Wooden Sleigh after collecting 25 Presents Present
    • By purchase at the Market for 150 Gem20px. - Note: a maximum of 3 Wooden Sleighs are permitted per account.
    • After placing the Wooden Sleigh in your Forest, you can collect 4 Presents Present from it every 4 hours!
  • After expiry of the World Event, this item changes category to become a decoration!
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