A Tree of Life holds animal eggs to incubate. If the egg is ready to hatch, a READY button will appear on top of the egg. At this point, you may tap on the Tree of Life to place your newborn animal in an available habitat. If you don't have an available habitat which isn't full, a 'buy a new habitat' button will show instead.
There is also an option to sell the hatchling if it is not required.

Tree of Life

"The heart of our forest, and the source of its magical energy. Bring eggs here to hatch!"
  — Game Description 

Level Available: 1
Buying Price: Free
Build Time: none
Sells for: Not permitted


The Tree of Life is obtainable:

  • This (first) Tree of Life is an integral (free) element of the game. As such, it cannot be bought, sold, or even re-positioned!
  • It was initially only possible to have one Tree of Life per account. However players are now able to purchase up to 3 additional Trees of Life from the Market.
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