***Currently Unobtainable***
Tinkerer's Toyshop

“Water, Earth and Fire animals craft wonderful toys in the Tinkerer's Workshop!"
  — Game Description 

Level Available: 10
Leaderboard Event
Type: Water, Earth, Fire
Animal Capacity: 4
Buying Price: 400 Gem20px
Max Coins: 55,000 Coin20px
Build Time: none
Sells for: 50,000 Coin20px
Exp Gained: 2,800 Exp20px


The Tinkerer's Toyshop is obtainable:

  • 1. During ?
  • 2. During the Gingerbread Mania Leaderboard Event:
    • Players received a Tinkerer's Toyshop after earning 1,400 Leaderboard points Leaderboard Point.
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