***During November-December 2020!***

This page has the information for a series of events held during November-December 2020 based on Autumn-into-Winter themes! From Nov 6th, and until Dec 4th, several new animals, habitats, and decor will make their debut. In the gallery below, the 'popups' show the new content we can hope to obtain during this period!

Update.png The following list of events and goals shows where the related new and re-issued animals and decor can be found:

Tidesdale (25th) Colosseum Tournament (continued from November 2019)

Win a Tidesdale Tidesdale Baby.png in the Colosseum (from Nov 1st, 2019 until Oct 31st, 2023 (TBC)!) (3rd re-issue):

  • By earning a Grand Streak of 335 Colosseum Crystals Colosseum Crystal (name TBC).png (name TBC).
  • Or purchase at the market for 1,200 Gem20px.png.

WEEKS 1-4:


Breed a Porcuplenty Porcuplenty Baby.png - also on offer until Dec 4th:

  • By breeding two animals that collectively contribute the Earth Earth Animals and Nature Nature Animals types.
  • Or purchase at the market; on offer at 500 Gem20px.png.

Velvet Vulpine World Event

Work to win the new Velvet Vulpine Velvet Vulpine Baby.png:

  • Starts Nov 6th and active until Dec 4th.

Snowfall Hollow

  • Treat up to 5 of your Electric Electric Animals, Dark Dark Animals, and Water Water Animals type animals to a Snowfall Hollow 50px habitat:
    • Purchase at the market; on offer at 250 Gem20px.png, during the Velvet Vulpine World Event.

Arena Tournament

None this month:(.


Black Friday Sale

A huge selection of animals and habitats at knockdown prices!:

  • Starts Nov 27th and active until Dec 1st.

Limited Re-issues

WEEKS 1-4: (continued from Apr 3rd - and until Jan 1st 2022 (TBC)!)
The Dove Pegasus Dove Pegasus Baby.png:

  • By purchase as a Limited Time Value Pack.

The Empurroar Empurroar Baby.png:

  • By purchase as a Limited Time Value Pack.

None this month.

None this month.

None this month.

None this month.



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