The purpose of neighbors is to help each other earn gemsGem20px and coinsCoin20px faster. However, neighbors are not needed to expand or gain experienceExp20px in game.

You can gift 1 gemGem20px to 3 different neighbors each day, and earn 5 coinsCoin20px or 1Exp20px just from visiting a neighbor. In addition, each account may receive a limited amount of 20 gemsGem20px daily. If you send a gemGem20px to a neighbor whose limit has been reached, they will not receive it, and you cannot resend it to another neighbor.

When you visit a community player you may only click on 3 of their habitats daily, but when visiting a neighbor you may click on up to 6 habitats daily. A habitat that sparkles has been clicked on by a visting player, and cannot be visited again until the bonus coinCoin20px has been collected from the habitat. When visiting, each habitat you click on recieves 250 coinsCoin20px even if it's reached maximum capacity.

You can visit your neighbors, community players, and invite friends in Menu>Social. To see who's visited you navigate to your Menu>News. Neighbors can be added if you know their Storm8 IDs or by selecting the Invite button while visiting their forest. Storm8 IDs are separate from the forest names that players can view publicly.

You may request neighbors and exchange Storm8 IDs by commenting below. To keep everything in one place, please make all neighbor requests on this page. If you wish to contact a specific user, you may do so on his/her wiki wall. [[Category:Gameplay]

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