The Monthly Events pages aim to form a record of all events occurring during that monthly period.
This includes 'theme-related' and 'seasonal' special events, plus 'sale' items not covered elsewhere:

  • Note: Although periods are described as 'monthly', the start and end dates of these periods actually coincide with those of the Colosseum battle sessions. Periods are nominally of 4-week duration and run Friday to Friday, but this can vary. Therefore period start and end dates rarely coincide with the first and/or last date of any calendar month.

Latest Events

Past Events

  • July 2019:
    • A series of Summer and floral-themed events!
    • July Sales:
      • A selection of Independence Day and Royal-themed offers!

  • June 2019:
    • Another series of Spring and flight-themed events!
    • Super Sale:
      • A selection of Premium and Royal-themed offers!

  • May 2019:
    • A series of Spring and flight-themed events!

  • July 2018:
    • A series of Birthday Celebration events!

  • October 2017:
    • A series of Halloween-themed events on the lead-up to Halloween!


Will be updated to record key monthly events...

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