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Feature Overview: Leaderboard Event

Leaderboard Icon.PNG

Compete with friends in the Fantasy Forest Story community to earn amazing new and exclusive prizes!

Leaderboard events will ask players to compete with their friends and other community members in a friendly and fun competition! During a limited-time leaderboard event, players will vie for prizes by completing various tasks to earn Leaderboard Points.

  • Each player is paired with community players that are similar to their own game level.
  • Events vary in the way you earn points.
  • Extra Leaderboard Points may be earned during the events by purchasing Boosts with gold. Boosts multiply the number of Leaderboard Points earned for a limited amount of time.
  • At the end of each event, the leaderboard rankings will dictate which players are the victors and which prizes they will earn.

There are different ways to earn prizes during leaderboard events. Rank Prizes are prizes acquired at the end of an event that are determined by a players rank. Milestone Prizes, unlike the prizes determined by rank, are prizes received after earning specific amounts of Leaderboard Points during each event.

  • In order to earn a prize players must collect at least 10 Leaderboard Points.
Leaderboard Spin to Win.PNG
  • A Spin to Win wheel of prizes will frequently appear during the event to aid players with their progress and boost their rank. The wheel prizes include Decorations, Realm Runes and Coins, along with a Wooden Chest Wooden Chest.PNG, a Bronze Chest Bronze Chest.PNG, a Silver Chest Silver Chest.PNG, and a Gold Chest Gold Chest.PNG which contain varying amounts of Leaderboard Points.

Latest Event

Magistiger (56th: December 2019-January 2020)
(Event was available at level 10? and ran for 7 days from Dec 27th)

The Magistiger Leaderboard Event is all about breeding, hatching, evolving and feeding!
Earn Leaderboard Points Leaderboard Point.png with every animal you breed, hatch, and feed Earning Leaderboard.PNG as follows:

Milestone Points & Prizes Rank Number & Prizes
Points Prize Rank Prize
6,000 Leaderboard Point.png 1 Jagustar Baby.png 1st 1 Magistiger Baby.png + 60px
5,400 Leaderboard Point.png 10 Realm Rune.png 2nd 1 Magistiger Baby.png + 60px
4,800 Leaderboard Point.png LB Bonus Prize Chest.png
(prize varies)
3rd 60px + 25,000 Food.png + 20 Realm Rune.png
4,200 Leaderboard Point.png 1 Arabian Night.png 4th - 6th 20,000 Food.png + 35,000 Coin20px.png + 10 Realm Rune.png
3,800 Leaderboard Point.png LB Bonus Prize Chest.png
(prize varies)
7th - 12th 15,000 Food.png + 25,000 Coin20px.png
2,200 Leaderboard Point.png 12,500 Food.png 13th - 20th 10,000 Coin20px.png
1,500 Leaderboard Point.png LB Bonus Prize Chest.png
(prize varies)
- -
1,100 Leaderboard Point.png 5,000 Food.png - -
650 Leaderboard Point.png LB Bonus Prize Chest.png
(prize varies)
- -
350 Leaderboard Point.png 10,000 Coin20px.png - -
50 Leaderboard Point.png LB Bonus Prize Chest.png
(prize varies)
- -
Spin to Win Prizes
Leaderboard Spin to Win.PNG
Prize Prize
Gold Chest.PNG = Leaderboard Point.png
(prize varies)
1 Unicorn Sculpture.png
Silver Chest.PNG = Leaderboard Point.png
(prize varies)
2 Gilded Tile.png
Bronze Chest.PNG = Leaderboard Point.png
(prize varies)
10 Realm Rune.png
Wooden Chest.PNG = Leaderboard Point.png
(prize varies)
10,000 Coin20px.png

Past Events

For details of all previous Leaderboard Events see Past Events: