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Fantasy Forest Story is a mobile application developed by Storm8 Studios for the iOS and Android devices. It may be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and played on the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad or the Google Play Store and various Android devices.

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  Neighbours - Use this page to find Storm8 IDs.

  Eggs - This page is to identify eggs.

  Goals - Find a list of in-game goals here.

  Animals - This page is to identify animals by type.

  Monthly Events - Use this page to find a rollup of all events each month.

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February 2019

Check out Diamondog in the Colosseum!
The Heart Thief is this month's special goal!
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Smitten Kitten Adult Smitten Kitten

"This fluffy bundle of love is the purrrrfect companion! Smitten Kittens are always in the mood to have fun; they'll try to distract you from your work throughout the day and want to play right meow."
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Game Updates
Game Update - February 2019

   For links to all the latest events, updates and information, visit the February 2019 page.

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