The Evolution Flower is a building available from the Market.

Evolution Flower

"Once your animals have eaten enough, they enter the Evolution Flower and take a short nap. The Flower works its magic, and by the time the animals wake up, they've evolved into a spectacular new form!"
  — Game Description 

Level Available: 3
Buying Price: 500 Coin20px (1st)
1,000 Gem20px (2nd)
Build Time: 10 seconds
Sells for: 80 Coin20px
Exp Gained: 5 Exp20px


The Evolution Flower is obtainable:

  • Players may now purchase up to 2 Evolution Flowers from the Market.
  • It was previously only possible to have one Tree of Life per account.

The evolution flower is used to evolve higher leveled animals into more powerful forms.

At Level 3, when a animal is fed enough, an "Evolve" button will appear. When it is pressed, the animal will be put into the Evolution Flower for a varying amount of time. When it comes out, it will be level 4 (its juvenile form). The same scenario occurs at level 9 when animals evolve into their level 10 (adult form), and at level 14 when animals evolve into their level 15 (epic form).

Until September 30, 2014, for almost all animals, the time spent in the evolution flower each round depended on its rarity. Common animals evolution time was 1 hour, Rare animals evolution time was 4 hours, Super Rare animals evolution time was 8 hours and Ultra Rare animals evolution time was 16 hours.
Known exceptions to this rule were the Pyro Pony with a 10 second evolution time, Pandaffodil with a 30 second evolution time and Rock Rhino with a 3 minute evolution time.

  • On September 30, 2014, the evolution times changed.

Every animal has a different individual evolution time, you can view these times on each animals individual page and on the chart below.

Animal Evolution Times

Evolution Time
Adorabull Baby Adorabull 25 hours
Airy Otter Baby Airy Otter 14 hours
Alice Baby Alice 7 hours
Amethyst Pony Baby Amethyst Pony 15 hours
Amour Boar Baby Amour Boar 13 hours
Ampeater Baby Ampeater 23 hours
Ancient Sloth Baby Ancient Sloth 12 hours
Anubis Baby Anubis 18 hours
Aperil Fool Baby Aperil Fool 9 hours
Aquarius Baby Aquarius 16 hours
Aquatter Baby Aquatter 12 hours
Arboar Baby Arboar 13 hours
Aries Baby Aries 14 hours
Armordillo Baby Armordillo 4 hours
Aurora Pegasus Baby Aurora Pegasus 17 hours
Autumn Equifox Baby Autumn Equifox 11 hours
Bamboon Baby Bamboon 8 hours
Bansheep Baby Bansheep 16 hours
Barn Owl Baby Barn Owl 9 hours
Bastet Baby Bastet 16 hours
Bead Steed Baby Bead Steed 17 hours
Bee Mine Baby Bee Mine 12 hours
Beever Baby Beever 24 hours
Blizard Baby Blizard 18 hours
Boom Bear Baby Boom Bear 24 hours
Brave Eagle Baby Brave Eagle 16 hours
Bulldog Baby Bulldog 12 hours
Cactus Kitsune Baby Cactus Kitsune 10 hours
Candy Crane Baby Candy Crane 10 hours
Captain K9 Baby Captain K9 14 hours
Castlewary Baby Castlewary 20 hours
Caturn Baby Caturn 15 hours
Catypuss Baby Catypuss 22 hours
Chameneon Baby Chameneon 10 hours
Charger Baby Charger 22 hours
Cheep Baby Cheep 4 hours
Cherub Cub Baby Cherub Cub 8 hours
Chilldebeest Baby Chilldebeest 18 hours
Chilly Goat Baby Chilly Goat 17 hours
Chimpala Baby Chimpala 8 hours
Chocolate Lab Baby Chocolate Lab 11 hours
Chocolate Rabbit Baby Chocolate Rabbit 10 hours
Comet Cougar Baby Comet Cougar 19 hours
Chromadile Baby Chromadile 10 hours
Cinderelka Baby Cinderelka hours
Citrine Peregrin Baby Citrine Peregrin 36 hours
Cold Turkey Baby Cold Turkey 17 hours
Conducktor Baby Conducktor 7 hours
Confetti Yeti Baby Confetti Yeti 24 hours
Cosmic Phoenix Baby Cosmic Phoenix 19 hours
Cranbeary Baby Cranbeary 21 hours
Craguar Baby Craguar 14 hours
Crystal Unicorn Baby Crystal Unicorn 36 hours
Dandelion Baby Dandelion 10 hours
Daredevil Baby Daredevil 14 hours
Deadwing Baby Deadwing 22 hours
Demonkey Baby Demonkey 17 hours
Dragonfly Baby Dragonfly 22 hours
Dread Panda Baby Dread Panda 19 hours
Dream Bat Baby Dream Bat 13 hours
Dripmunk Baby Dripmunk 12 hours
Dusk Bunny Baby Dusk Bunny 24 hours
Dusky Baby Dusky 22 hours

Evolution Time
Eagle Beagle Baby Eagle Beagle 13 hours
Easter Bunny Baby Easter Bunny 18 hours
Eerie Owl Baby Eerie Owl 6 hours
Electric Elk Baby Electric Elk 17 hours
Elephantom Baby Elephantom 15 hours
Ember Bear Baby Ember Bear 11 hours
Emerald Dragon Baby Emerald Dragon 36 hours
Fairy Ferret Baby Fairy Ferret 3 hours
Falconch Baby Falconch 16 hours
Fallaby Baby Fallaby 8 hours
Fallmingo Baby Fallmingo 16 hours
Feast Beast Baby Feast Beast 21 hours
Fennec Shox Baby Fennec Shox 17 hours
Festive Firefly Baby Festive Firefly 14 hours
Fire Glider Baby Fire Glider 6 hours
Firefox Baby Firefox 8 hours
Fladingo Baby Fladingo 18 hours
Flare Hare Baby Flare Hare 16 hours
Flowler Baby Flowler 15 hours
Fluffy Baby Fluffy 17 hours
Flyerfox Baby Flyerfox 10 hours
Frankenswine Baby Frankenswine 19 hours
Freezel Baby Freezel 21 hours
French Hen Baby French Hen 20 hours
Friar Duck Baby Friar Duck 17 hours
Frightingale Baby Frightingale 19 hours
Frostfang Baby Frostfang 1 hour
Frostrich Baby Frostrich 16 hours
Fruitbat Baby Fruitbat ? hours
Gargolem Baby Gargolem 18 hours
Garland Snake Baby Garland Snake 15 hours
Garnet Griffin Baby Garnet Griffin 36 hours
Georaffe Baby Georaffe 24 hours
Ghostrich Baby Ghostrich 21 hours
Giving Treent Baby Giving Treent 16 hours
Glacial Griffin Baby Glacial Griffin 18 hours
Goblin Gobbler Baby Goblin Gobbler 14 hours
Gold Lion Baby Gold Lion 18 hours
Golden Retriever Baby Golden Retriever 36 hours
Goldscale Baby Goldscale 32 hours
Grassquatch Baby Grassquatch 11 hours
Great Danebow Baby Great Danebow 23 hours
Gretel Baby Gretel 4 hours
Ground Hound Baby Ground Hound 11 hours
Growvine Baby Growvine 18 hours
Grumpy Gorilla Baby Grumpy Gorilla 18 hours
Gummy Bear Baby Gummy Bear 13 hours
Haka Kiwi Baby Haka Kiwi 14 hours
Halloweasel Baby Halloweasel 17 hours
Hansel Baby Hansel 18 hours
Hamrock Baby Hamrock 8 hours
Hareon Baby Hareon 24 hours
Harpy Baby Harpy 11 hours
Harvest Hedgehog Baby Harvest Hedgehog 8 hours
Harvest Hoarder Baby Harvest Hoarder 16 hours
Hatchling Baby Hatchling 5 hours
Heartvark Baby Heartvark 8 hours
Hedgehog Baby Hedgehog 9 hours
Hibearnate Baby Hibearnate 22 hours
Hippogryph Baby Hippogryph 23 hours
Hippopot-a-Gold Baby Hippopot-a-Gold 20 hours
Holly Collie Baby Holly Collie 7 hours
Honey Badger Baby Honey Badger ? hours
Hooded Robin Baby Hooded Robin 6 hours
Hot Dog Baby Hot Dog 14 hours
Hotter Otter Baby Hotter Otter 17 hours
Hummingburn Baby Hummingburn 22 hours
Hydro Yak Baby Hydro Yak 13 hours

Evolution Time
Icegator Baby Icegator 19 hours
Iciclaw Baby Iciclaw 10 hours
Infernowl Baby Infernowl 17 hours
Jackalope Baby Jackalope 7 hours
Jackal-Lantern Baby Jackal-Lantern 16 hours
Jade Kirin Baby Jade Kirin 36 hours
Jasmine Jaguar Baby Jasmine Jaguar 14 hours
Jingle Shells Baby Jingle Shells 4 hours
Julius Baever Baby Julius Baever 17 hours
Knitten Kitten Baby Knitten Kitten 16 hours
Koala Cadabra Baby Koala Cadabra 8 hours
Krampus Baby Krampus 9 hours
Ladypug Baby Ladypug 20 hours
Lambi Baby Lambi 14 hours
Land Shark Baby Land Shark 18 hours
Lemurcury Baby Lemurcury 14 hours
Leopardchaun Baby Leopardchaun 10 hours
Lightning Leopard Baby Lightning Leopard 3 hours
Lionheart Baby Lionheart 12 hours
Little Fawn Baby Little Fawn 4 hours
Love Bug Baby Love Bug 16 hours
Love Dove Baby Love Dove 9 hours
Lucky Duck Baby Lucky Duck 16 hours
Lucky Rabbit Baby Lucky Rabbit 9 hours
Lullabison Baby Lullabison 13 hours
Lunar Goat Baby Lunar Goat 24 hours
Lunar Moth Baby Lunar Moth 21 hours

Evolution Time
Magmacore Baby Magmacore 14 hours
Maid Mareian Baby Maid Mareian 18 hours
Mama Bear Baby Mama Bear ? hours
Mamaroo Baby Mamaroo 10 hours
Mardi Claw Baby Mardi Claw 24 hours
Marigoat Baby Marigoat 20 hours
Matripony Baby Matripony 10 hours
Melodeer Baby Melodeer 15 hours
Menoram Baby Menoram 24 hours
Mercat Baby Mercat 16 hours
Merry Meercat Baby Merry Meercat 7 hours
Mistletoed Sloth Baby Mistletoed Sloth 9 hours
Moleten Baby Moleten 17 hours
Money Badger Baby Money Badger 40 hours
Monsoon Marmot Baby Monsoon Marmot 19 hours
Mouseguard Baby Mouseguard hours
Neapolitiger Baby Neapolitiger 22 hours
Nightmare Baby Nightmare 21 hours
Nocturtle Baby Nocturtle 17 hours
Noelephant Baby Noelephant 9 hours
Norse Horse Baby Norse Horse 18 hours
North Polarbear Baby North Polarbear 17 hours
Northwest Whale Baby Northwest Whale 23 hours
Nutcracker Baby Nutcracker 20 hours
Obsidian Cyclops Baby Obsidian Cyclops 36 hours
Ocean Owl Baby Ocean Owl 15 hours
Onyx Direwolf Baby Onyx Direwolf hours
Onyx Ox Baby Onyx Ox 21 hours
Orangubang Baby Orangubang hours
Orca Snail Baby Orca Snail 17 hours
Orchid Otter Baby Orchid Otter 12 hours
Ornate Ocelot Baby Ornate Ocelot 32 hours
Owl Bear Baby Owl Bear 21 hours
Palmeranian Baby Palmeranian 24 hours
Pandaffodil Baby Pandaffodil 30 seconds
Paradise Parrot Baby Paradise Parrot 9 hours
Party Penguin Baby Party Penguin 18 hours
Patriotter Baby Patriotter 20 hours
Peamoth Baby Peamoth 10 hours
Pearl Peryton Baby Pearl Peryton 38 hours
Peony Pony Baby Peony Pony 12 hours
Peppermint Platty Baby Peppermint Platty 12 hours
Petal Peacock Baby Petal Peacock 8 hours
Petite Panda Baby Petite Panda 19 hours
Pigmy Baby Pigmy 10 hours
Pisces Baby Pisces 16 hours
Planther Baby Planther 9 hours
Plantlers Baby Plantlers 5 hours
Pluma Baby Pluma 25 hours
Plutopus Baby Plutopus 13 hours
Pokey Pilot Baby Pokey Pilot 15 hours
Poppy Pony Baby Poppy Pony 24 hours
Poppy Puppy Baby Poppy Puppy 13 hours
Pop Art Peacock Baby Pop Art Peacock 13 hours
Porkupine Baby Porkupine 14 hours
Present Pheasant Baby Present Pheasant 8 hours
Prince Charring Baby Prince Charring hours
Psyena Baby Psyena 19 hours
Puffalo Baby Puffalo 20 hours
Pumpkin Panda Baby Pumpkin Panda 12 hours
Punk Skunk Baby Punk Skunk 19 hours
Puppy Love Baby Puppy Love 24 hours
Pygmy Giraffe Baby Pygmy Giraffe 21 hours
Pyro Pony Baby Pyro Pony 10 seconds
Prize Pony Baby Prize Pony 32 hours

Evolution Time
Quake Snake Baby Quake Snake 17 hours
Quartz Quetzalcoatl Baby Quartz Quetzalcoatl 41 hours
Ra Baby Ra 22 hours
Racmoon Baby Racmoon 6 hours
Rainguin Baby Rainguin 7 hours
Rampage Baby Rampage 8 hours
Reckless Roc Baby Reckless Roc 16 hours
Reindeer Baby Reindeer 8 hours
River Runner Baby River Runner 17 hours
Robber Raccoon Baby Robber Raccoon 14 hours
Rock Candy Rhino Baby Rock Candy Rhino 18 hours
Rock Rhino Baby Rock Rhino 3 minutes
Rocking Horse Baby Rocking Horse 25 hours
Rockodile Baby Rockodile 11 hours
Romanticore Baby Romanticore 12 hours
Rubble Rooster Baby Rubble Rooster 21 hours
Ruby Razorback Baby Ruby Razorback 36 hours
Rudolphin Baby Rudolphin 16 hours
Rumblebee Baby Rumblebee 24 hours
Saintly Bernard Baby Saintly Bernard 19 hours
Santa Claws Baby Santa Claws 9 hours
Sapphire Cthulhu Baby Sapphire Cthulhu 36 hours
Sapybara Baby Sapybara 12 hours
Scarecrow Baby Scarecrow 17 hours
Scaredy Cat Baby Scaredy Cat 4 hours
Sea Drake Baby Sea Drake 16 hours
Sea Horse Baby Sea Horse 14 hours
Sea Lion Baby Sea Lion 12 hours
Seamur Baby Seamur 12 hours
Secret Santler Baby Secret Santler 18 hours
Shamcroc Baby Shamcroc 14 hours
Sheriff of Naughtyham Baby Sheriff of Naughtyham 18 hours
Shock Fox Baby Shock Fox 7 hours
Shockatoo Baby Shockatoo 24 hours
Sidekicker Baby Sidekicker 4 hours
Skeletal Dragon Baby Skeletal Dragon 17 hours
Skeletal Steed Baby Skeletal Steed 16 hours
Skyger Baby Skyger 3 hours
Slippopotamus Baby Slippopotamus 17 hours
Smitten Kitten Baby Smitten Kitten 9 hours
Snapdragon Baby Snapdragon 11 hours
Snappy Turtle Baby Snappy Turtle ? hours
Snow Monster Baby Snow Monster 18 hours
Snowpossum Baby Snowpossum 18 hours
Sobek Baby Sobek 20 hours
Solar Bear Baby Solar Bear 20 hours
Solar Simian Baby Solar Simian 6 hours
Spark Shark Baby Spark Shark 18 hours
50px Spring Wing 16 hours
Spruce Moose Baby Spruce Moose 14 hours
Station Dalmatian Baby Station Dalmatian 15 hours
Steel Woolly Mammoth Baby Steel Woolly Mammoth 19 hours
Steamtrunk Baby Steamtrunk 18 hours
Storm Sphinx Baby Storm Sphinx 21 hours
Strawbeary Baby Strawbeary 16 hours
Storking Baby Storking 17 hours
Stuffin Puffin Baby Stuffin Puffin 18 hours
Sugarskull Glider Baby Sugarskull Glider 15 hours
Super Heron Baby Super Heron 6 hours
Swan Prince Baby Swan Prince 16 hours
Swan Princess Baby Swan Princess 6 hours
Sweet Sheep Baby Sweet Sheep 12 hours
Taurus Baby Taurus 17 hours
Teddy Bear Baby Teddy Bear 18 hours
Terradactyl Baby Terradactyl 24 hours
Terrorier Baby Terrorier 14 hours
Tesllama Baby Tesllama 24 hours
Thankfowl Baby Thankfowl ? hours
Thanksgibbon Baby Thanksgibbon 22 hours
Thorilla Baby Thorilla 23 hours
Thunder Mammoth Baby Thunder Mammoth 16 hours
Thunderhawk Baby Thunderhawk 6 hours
Timbear Baby Timbear 21 hours
Tinsowl Baby Tinsowl 16 hours
Tornadodo Baby Tornadodo 19 hours
Toronado Baby Toronado 23 hours
Tortigloo Baby Tortigloo 16 hours
Toy Elephant Baby Toy Elephant 6 hours
Toy Poodle Baby Toy Poodle 8 hours
Treasure Toucan Baby Treasure Toucan 36 hours
Tree Frog Baby Tree Frog hours
Treebra Baby Treebra 17 hours
Treent of Life Baby Treent of Life 36 hours
Trick-or-Treent Baby Trick-or-Treent 24 hours
Tubacan Baby Tubacan 10 hours
Tulip Tapir Baby Tulip Tapir 9 hours
Turtisle Baby Turtisle 6 hours
Turtle Dove Baby Turtle Dove 17 hours
Twilight Troll Baby Twilight Troll 20 hours
Typhoon Tiger Baby Typhoon Tiger 17 hours

Evolution Time
Unicornucopia Baby Unicornucopia 13 hours
Valentiger Baby Valentiger 12 hours
Vampire Cat Baby Vampire Cat 16 hours
Vanillamb Baby Vanillamb 9 hours
Vinotaur Baby Vinotaur 10 hours
Volcamel Baby Volcamel 9 hours
Wealth Corgi Baby Wealth Corgi 40 hours
Weasel Witch Baby Weasel Witch 6 hours
Werewolf Baby Werewolf 13 hours
Wild Wondercat Baby Wild Wondercat 25 hours
Winter Equifox Baby Winter Equifox 18 hours
Winter Wolverine Baby Winter Wolverine 18 hours
Winter Wonderlamb Baby Winter Wonderlamb 14 hours
Wolverink Baby Wolverink 12 hours
Wombattery Baby Wombattery 17 hours
Wyburn Baby Wyburn 19 hours
XO Ox Baby XO Ox 15 hours

Evolution Time
Yak-O-Lantern Baby Yak-O-Lantern 15 hours
Yule Mule Baby Yule Mule 9 hours
Zapra Baby Zapra 24 hours
Zeus Moose Baby Zeus Moose 19 hours
Zombee Baby Zombee 15 hours

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