The Breeding Garden is used to breed animals together to create a new animal. A pair of animals are put into the breeding garden for an amount of time determined by the resulting baby hatchling, followed by the placing of a baby hatchling animal's egg in a Tree of Life.

Breeding Garden

" This special section of the Tree of Life takes the magical energy of two animals and creates a magic egg! That's the story and we're sticking to it."
  — Game Description 

Level Available: 1
Buying Price: Free
Build Time: none
Sells for: Not permitted
Breeding Session Cost: 200Coin20px


The Breeding Garden is obtainable:

  • The Breeding Garden is an integral (free) element of the game. As such, it cannot be bought, sold, or even re-positioned!
  • It is only possible to have one Breeding Garden per account.
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