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Animals in Fantasy Forest Story are classified by their types. These types determine the kinds of Habitats that an animal can live in, affect the kinds of offspring that a pair of animals can produce together in the Breeding Garden, and act as key factors during matches in the Battlegrounds or The Arena.

Type behaviors

Types can be classified with different breeding behaviors. For this wiki's purposes, we will refer to the behaviors as Basic, Mixed, Complex, Unbreedable and Special.

Below is a list of types and their corresponding behaviors.

Name Image Behavior
Fire Fire Animals Basic
Nature Nature Animals Basic
Earth Earth Animals Basic
Water Water Animals Basic
Electric Electric Animals Basic
Dark Dark Animals Mixed
Christmas Christmas Animals Complex
Valentines Valentines Animals Complex
Space Space Animals Complex
Music Music Animals Complex
Service Service Animals Complex
Lucky Lucky Animals Unbreedable
Spring Spring Animals Unbreedable
Ice Scream Icecream Animals Unbreedable
Egypt Egypt Animals Unbreedable
Autumn Autumn Animals Unbreedable
Halloween Halloween Animals Unbreedable
Tree Tree Animals Unbreedable
Zodiac Zodiac Animals Unbreedable
Birthstone Birthstone Animals Unbreedable
Legendary Legendary Animals Special
Treasure Treasure Animals Special

Basic types

These types do not have any special properties and act as expected during animal breeding. Each basic type has a pure standard animal in the Market that is available for coins instead of gems.

The following chart lists pure basic type animals that can be bought directly from the Market with coins.

Type Image Standard Animal
Fire Fire Animals Pyro Pony
Nature Nature Animals Pandaffodil
Earth Earth Animals Rock Rhino
Water Water Animals Frostfang
Electric Electric Animals Lightning Leopard

Mixed types

Mixed types, like basic types, do not alter the breeding outcome in any way. The only thing that differentiates mixed types from basic types is the fact that pure standard animals of mixed types can be created by combining other types.Currently, the only mixed type is Dark, and it's standard animal is the Skyger.

To create a standard animal of the Dark Dark Animals type, one parent must contribute Fire Fire Animals while the other parent must contribute Water Water Animals during breeding. The types must come directly from the parents with pure types.

Complex types

The Complex type animals haves special rules while breeding. First you have to breed two Minor Animals using parents with required components. For those animals the special element is mainly ignored and has one component. Minor animals can be used to get the proper Main Animal. While breeding them you may get other results, for more information visit Breeding Calculator or individual pages.

Complex types animals can only be bred during the limited time. Then you can't use them as parents in Breeding Garden.

Below is a list of all Complex types and their Minor and Main animals.

Type Image Main Animal Minor Animals Components
Christmas Christmas Animals Santa Claws Reindeer, Toy Poodle Fire Animals Nature Animals
Valentines Valentines Animals Matripony Smitten Kitten, Love Dove Fire Animals Earth Animals
Space Space Animals Caturn Plutopus, Lemurcury Earth Animals Water Animals
Music Music Animals Melodeer Lullabison, Tubacan Fire Animals Earth Animals
Service Service Animals Saintly Bernard Station Dalmation, Captain K9 Fire Animals Earth Animals
Skull Skull Animals Deadwing Skeletal Steed, Sugarskull Glider Fire Animals Nature Animals

Unbreedable types

Unbreedable types are special types of animals that can't be put in Breeding Garden as a parents and can't appear as a breeding result. Most of Unbreedable type animals come from World Events or expanding.

Below is a list of the current Unbreedable types and their standard Animals.

Type Image Standard Animals
Lucky Lucky Animals Celtic Cat, Four Leaf Rover, Hamrock, Harpy, Leopardchaun, Limerick Chick, Lucky Rabbit
Spring Spring Animals Dandelion, Peony Pony, Snapdragon, Tulip Tapir
Ice Cream Icecream Animals Chocolate Lab, Neapolitiger, Strawbeary, Vanillamb
Egypt Egypt Animals Anubis, Bastet, Ra, Sobek
Autumn Autumn Animals Autumn Equifox, Barn Owl, Harvest Hoarder, Hibearnate
Tree Tree Animals Treent of Life
Zodiac Zodiac Animals Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Ophiuchus, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo
Birthstone Birthstone Animals Amethyst Pony, Garnet Pony

Special types

Special types do not follow any pre-defined patterns and are taken on a case-by-case basis.


The Treasure Treasure Animals type cannot be used in or appear as a result of breeding.

Treasure Animals produce gems instead of coins as income. Treasure types animals can't be bred and must be purchased with gems.


The Legendary Legendary Animals type interacts in special ways with the type pool. For more information about this type, check the Breeding Calculator and Crystal Unicorn page.

The Legendary type's standard animal, the Crystal Unicorn, can be bred if the type pool contains any four distinct types. For this purpose, Complex types are counted only once by the original type, not by it's components.